Is Jessica Simpson Beefing Up After Romo Split?

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo seem to be finished as an item–at least for now.

Jessica Simpson Meat

How is Jess reacting to the split? By stuffing her face with sweets, according to some reports.

From the DAILY NEWS:

When things with Tony got rocky, Jess just went on a sweets binge,” our Simpson source says. “She has packed on about 15 extra pounds and is ready to starve herself to drop them again.”

According to pals, Jess, who stayed really fit over the past six months while she was dating an uber-athlete, has now let herself slide. Paging Joe Simpson: Lock up the doughnuts!

Meanwhile, Romo is busy golfing his tail off and denying rumors that Joe had a hand in the breakup. From THE BOSH:

“It’s all laughable.” Romo, 28, and Simpson, 27, have been dogged by rumors that her father has been meddling in their relationship. Romo insisted that characterization is “so far from the truth.”

Wow, so Jess porking up isn’t making reconciliation any easier. But then again, most people need to put on weight when they get to the NFL. Now if she could just work on her foot speed and agility, she might have a future in this league.