Erin Andrews Suing Sites Over Sex Tape Rumors?

ESPN 540 in Milwaukee, via, today interviewed Erin Andrews. As usual, Andrews fielded the obligatory inquiries about her reax to internet postings about her.

Erin Andrews Kendra Andrews

(Erin Andrews with sister Kendra)

Normally she answers those questions with diplomatic pap. But this time she wasn’t quite so nonchalant about it.

“There’s been situations where stuff that’s been false has been written. We’ve kinda had to take action on our own.  Whether it’s my agents or lawyers or stuff.  It’s kind of hard to stay away from it.  I’m not as obsessive I think about it as as I was about it when I first started. It’s amazing that people can write the stuff that they write and not be held accountable for it.  Can you imagine if you and I went on air or on the radio and said some of the stuff that these people get away with.  We’d be fired.  It’s unbelievable.

From what I’ve seen on internet search engines, the only thing I can think of that would cause her to file a cease & desist and/or lawsuit would be websites claiming she appeared in a sex tape with David Wright.

That rumor has been making the rounds for some time now on the web, and is completely untrue. She has every right to file suit against sites purporting the rumor to be fact. It’s clearly defamatory.

That said, the rumor only lends even more popularity to Andrews, who has certainly benefited professionally from her internet acclaim. She’s probably best just letting it die on its own - as we wouldn’t be bringing it up today if she hadn’t mentioned legal action against websites.

What else could it be? Suing sites that reveal her United Airlines upgrade status?