Is Charlie Villanueva’s Mother A Security Threat?

We really wish we’d known this going into the whole deal, but apparently, the FIBA Americas tournament going on down in Puerto Rico is seriously bad-blooded. That whole deal with Mexico and Uruguay* going Bobby Knight on each other? That wasn’t entirely an isolated incident, it appears.

Charlie Villanueva and mother
(How are you going to mess with this woman? Honestly, people.)

The latest incident wasn’t nearly as violent, but that’s only because cooler heads prevailed. The incident, after all, had the makings of the worst kind of fight: the one that participants take personally. After all, you do not mess with Charlie Villanueva’s mother. You. Just. Don’t.

From ESPN, we learn that Villanueva and Al Horford tried to bring their mothers with them to an official event, and that was enough to incur security’s wrath:

The Dominican national team abruptly exited a ceremony held for the FIBA Americas Championship on Tuesday after a reported incident involving Charlie Villanueva and Al Horford.

The incident took place at an official event held at a hotel in the Puerto Rican capital. Only players and team officials were allowed. For that matter, security personnel did not allow players’ relatives to enter the ceremony.

That sounds like a pretty benign assessment of what went down… so in other words, let’s sex this up with some animosity. Fortunately, Charlie Villanueva’s a prolific Twitterer at @CV31, so let’s see if we can’t get some righteous indignation in this humpity-bumpity. Hit it:

“Oh maaaaan, we just got disrespected!!! This is real whack. Check this out, these games is all about politics I tell u. I’m pissed

So because the team entered the ceremony with my mom & Al Horford’s mom they said we couldn’t enter. Whaaat! They made a big deal out of it

Our Coach got furious, he knows the politics. We’re supposedly the favorite so everyone is hating. In addition our coach is from PR, crazy

You know what though, this just adds more fuel to the motivation. You guys don’t understand how the DR team is getting treated. I’m pissed!

Thataboy, Charlie.

That’s the one thing that kicks up these international competitions: the inflamed senses of national pride, which usually manifests itself in purely xenophobic fashion and leads to hilarious scenes of disrespect and retaliation. Where else but the World Cup could Zinedine Zidane get himself sent off for headbutting a guy in his chest for talking smack?

But they didn’t fight, man; they didn’t fight. That’s a shame. Here, next time you’re needing that extra oomph to throw down and settle things the way men do - and there’s no Jagermeister nearby - just put this song and rock out with your, er, fists out.

*Lots of bad history between those two countries, y’know. Didn’t they start World War 2?