Chad Johnson Sounds A Lot Like Alonzo Spellman

In case you missed the bizarro interview with Chad Johnson on ESPN SportsCenter last night, here you go:

During his phoner with anchor Brian Kenny, Johnson puts on his usual contrarion, crybaby act. His interviews are always the same, they never change - except for the end of this one.

We’ve been rather bemused by the media’s absolute obsession with Johnson’s attention-whoring since the season ended rather badly for him and the Bengals. But that amusement turned to sadness when we heard his strange behavior with Kenny last night.

Kenny tried to end the interview with Johnson on three different occasions, only to have the receiver say “That’s it?” The ESPN anchor then stammered out a question and/or response, until the conversation finally trailed out into awkward nothingness.Hearing that, we are really starting to wonder about Johnson being mentally imbalanced.

If you think we’re overreacting, watch the interview.

Listening to Johnson’s bipolar-esque rant and then his sad reax to Kenny at the end of the interview makes us think three things:

1) Johnson may go Alonzo Spellman on us at some point.

2) He has a very bright future with the folks at World Wrestling Entertainment.

3) Four words: Future. Strip. Club. Greeter.

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