Is Brady Quinn About To Lose His Endorsements?

He’s never started an NFL game, and yet Brady Quinn already has cashed in on big endorsement deals with Subway, Hummer, and…what’s the name of that special energy drink of his? Discharge?

Brady Quinn Bret Michaels Poison

Of course, when those deals were done last spring, everyone thought it was only a matter of time before Quinn became an everyday starter for whatever horrible team decided to pick him up. But now Derek Anderson, who led the Browns to a 10-6 record last fall, has resigned with the team, inking a three-year deal that would make him the clear-cut starter heading into training camp for the 2008 season. Clear-cut, as YAHOO! SPORTS reports, to everyone except Quinn.

“‘My whole goal is preparing myself and getting ready to try to take over the starting job and lead this team…’

Quinn understands the situation and even applauded Anderson’s signing, but doesn’t plan on carrying a clipboard again. His mind-set is ‘just competing and try to take this team to the playoffs, something we weren’t able to do last year.’”

So is Quinn really delusional? Does he not recognize Anderson’s contributions to the club that got them mere tiebreakers away from the Browns’ first playoff berth since 2002? That’s doubtful.

Quinn stands to lose potential endorsement income if he can’t project himself as at least having a chance to get on the field. And operating under the presumption that benchwarmers don’t exactly embody the glamorous pitchmen to whom firms are eager to throw their money, one could see that Quinn’s status as a product pusher is in serious jeopardy.

Interestingly enough, the biggest product that Brady Quinn will be pushing to consumers this summer is…Brady Quinn. The irony is so delicious, I wish I could put it on a sandwich.