Is Bobby Valentine Next Mets Japanese Import?

The NY BASEBALL DIGEST says that Bobby Valentine would be interested in the New York Mets’ manager position if it was offered to him. Which might come as a surprise to Jerry Manuel, the current interim manager of the team who is currently negotiating with Mets’ GM Omar Mineya for a full-time position. However, there have reportedly been snags in getting the deal done, specifically over a third year.

Bobby Valentine

Normally I would think that Valentine is being pretty underhanded to talk about his interest in a job that currently is not really open. But perhaps Valentine was put up to this by the Mets’ executives in order to crank up the heat on Manuel to sign - with the understanding that Valentine would be in line for the gig if it falls through. Or perhaps they just miss having someone sitting around the dugout in a fake mustache and glasses. (Versus the Metsm who were disguised as a playoff team for about four months before the make-up wore off.)

Valentine e-mailed ESPN.COM from Japan, and he sure sounded like a man who was ready to do whatever it takes to be the next Mets manager:

“I am working for a team that needs me and wants me as their man,” Valentine replied. “I love it here, but I am an American and love great challenges. I was a in a Met uniform in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, 2000, and would love to be there in the next decade.”

Check your brake lines when you leave tomorrow morning, Jerry, and if you get a message from something called “The Yakuza”, it’s time to tender your resignation.

But leaving Japan for the Mets might not be as easy a call as you would think. As manager of the Chiba Lotte team, Valentine is big. I’m talking “Cheap Truck at Budokan” big. So much so that the Nippon Pro Baseball league was reportedly considering asking him to become their Commissioner.

Plus, can he get a Bobby Burger in New York?:

Bobby Valentine burger