Is Anyone Out There Not Named Paige Green?

We now know there are at least three different Paige Greens floating around on the internet. One is the former Raiders cheerleader who will soon marry John Elway.

Paige Green John Elway

Another Paige Green had a very public engagement pronouncement in the SEATTLE P-I two years ago, and now is married to a gentleman named Reagan Dunn.

And a third Paige Green is a B-Movie actress listed on IMDB.

We’re not the first to confuse the multiple Ms. Greens, but Friday we reported that the woman who was noted in the Seattle engagement announcement was the same person who is now engaged to John Elway. That isn’t the case, and all apologies to all parties.

Today’s water’s wet, sky’s blue story is brought to you by

Warren Sapp Dancing With The Stars Tantrum

Warren Sapp’s an a$$hole: “Our spies at “DWTS” tell TMZ Sapp’s big head and man-diva attitude are causing problems. We’re told he talks down to everybody (especially the guy dancers and production assistants), yells at people and consistently walks out of rehearsals with partner Kym Johnson.

Well at least he has his chronic halitosis to fall back on.

Remember those two goons from COI (that’s City of Industry to non-Angelenos) who are trying to lure the NFL to The Basin?

Not. Looking. Good. *shock*

On my trip to Seattle with the SbB Girls, the weather was gorgeous, and I will now forever maintain that when the weather is good there, there’s no more beautiful city in America.

SbB Girls in Seattle

That said, Seattle is also home to some of the sourest citizens I can remember coming across in all my travels. I stumbled into an epidemic of passive aggression during my two weeks there. So this post by A.J. Daulerio in DEADSPIN today was none to surprising:

Seattle Seahawks Message Board 9/11 Jokes

The only guy I’m guessing who was surprised? Bob Glauber of NEWSDAY.

The FT. WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM reports the city of Arlington this month “reached its $325[M] limit” on the new $1.1B Cowboys stadium.

The “remainder of the bills incurred for the stadium will be paid” by the Cowboys.

What will that cost? Matt Mosley of reports one million dollars per day.

By September 18, Arlington had “paid out $318,999,999.52 on the stadium project,” and the remaining “$6,000,000.48” has been “put in a retainer account so the city can pay any settlements or judgments that result from pending lawsuits related to land acquisition for the project.

What’s the .48 supposed to cover? Wade Phillips credibility? - the next time he embarrasses himself defending Terrell Owens?

One of the hottest college football coaching properties is Mizzou’s Gary Pinkel. Did you know that Pinkel was also once the offensive coordinator for Don James’ (badass) UW Huskies in the ’80s?

Think Ty Willingham is aware of that fact? If he wasn’t, he is now. (Uh-oh.)

Peter King to Dan Le Batard on 790 The Ticket in Miami said today the Dolphins last Sunday would’ve beaten the Patriots even if New England had had Tom Brady at QB: “I think they would have, the Dolphins killed them. I don’t think Tom Brady makes a difference in that game.

Sadly, Le Batard didn’t ask Pete about the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him in a Starbucks.

Michael Hiestand of USA TODAY has a piece on Jay Glazer today. Highlight: “(Glazer) sleeps with his cellphone plugged in his ear … and ‘friends and girlfriends understand it’s my constant lifeline.’

Girlfriends? Plural? Sure his Current absolutely loves that.

MJD of Yahoo Sports has this gem from Matt Millen’s wife: “We’re fine. In the world’s view, this may look like failure. It’s been a hard road, footballwise, but we’ve gotten a lot of eternal blessings. We’ll move forward. I told him, ‘You’re out of football prison now’ and we have a greater purpose.”

Millen was in a football prison? Then why was it the fans who got … you know. From behind.

From a COLUMBUS (OH) DISPATCH piece on the shoes the Columbus Crew wear:

Others couldn’t care less about their footwear. One Crew player with a shoe contract said he forgot his shoes when he traveled overseas to an international tournament. He said he went to a local sporting goods store, bought a pair for $30 and noticed no difference between the cheap shoes and his normal top-of-the-line model.

He requested not to be identified because the shoe company that provides him footwear and performance-based cash incentives would not be pleased with the tale.

BTW, I still love inserting the (OH) after Columbus, since I know that aggravates the people there so (I lived there for five years). Hehe.

Finally, Curt Schilling from his 38 PITCHES blog gives his opinion on the NEW YORK TIMES:

The NYT! Seriously? A paper run by people and writers who have made it clear that Governor Palin is the Anti-Christ and a group that couldn’t dislike Senator McCain more than they do??? That’s hilarious. I say that because both sides seem to be doing much of the same, but come on, you could shoot for another source that isn’t so blatantly biased and full of crap. Should be called the “New York Enquirer”

So how do you really feel, fat big boy?