Is All-NBA Dancer Pop Group Ready For Charts?

The Pussycat Dolls. Danity Kane. Hit musical acts that have gone to the top of the charts using a simple but successful formula: easily-digestible, fluffy pop and hot chicks dancing around in little clothing. Another thing they share is ex-NBA dancer squad members in the group. But FRESNO BEACH reports that a new group called Sweet 88 wants to change all this. Instead of having one or two hot former NBA dancers as singers, all five of their members are hot former NBA dancers.

Sweet 88

What a twist! The A&R rep that passes on this group is going to be a bigger idiot than the guy who turned down The Beatles because “guitar groups were on their way out.” I mean, five ex-NBA dancers? What more could you want? Oh, catchy songs and good singing. Well, apparently you don’t know the music industry, because that’s not really important right now.

You can sample songs from their upcoming album on their MySpace Music page, and from what I can tell, the lead singing should be credited to “ProTools 2008,” since there were maybe two notes in the first song I heard that hadn’t been shoved into a compressor or otherwise digitally manipulated to sound on-key. Picture a Britney Spears single, but with the producers having less faith in her natural singing voice, and you get the basic idea.

But the girls…yeah, they are pretty hot. And if you live in Los Angeles, you can go to The Knitting Factory this coming Thursday to see them live in concert. (Note: no actual knitting will take place during the performance.) Or, if you are a teenager in the San Fernando Valley, you can watch them play a private lunchtime concert at Van Nuys High School the following day.

(Which is a total rip-off: the “talent” at my high school was horrid school bands doing lousy Nirvana covers, not five hot cheerleaders strutting around in minimal clothing. I guess this is what happens when you go to school in the porn captial of the world.)

In case you aren’t able to go, here’s a sneak preview of the group members so you can check out their talent:

Kristina Rodrigues (former Warrior Girl):

Kristina Rodrigues

Deena Cary (former Suns Dancer):

Deena Cary

Brittany Troutt (former Clippers Spirit Dancer):

Brittany Troutt

Lindsay Dennis (former Laker Girl):

Lindsay Dennis

Kellie Corbett (former Wizards Girl):

Kellie Corbett

(h/t to TRUEHOOP)