Irvin Makes An Oopsie: Jones ‘Hot’ About Johnson

What about this story is least surprising: that Jerry Jones is none too pleased with Brad Johnson’s play at quarterback? Or that Michael Irvin really doesn’t understand how broadcasting works?

Michael Irvin and Jerry Jones

Irvin was a guest on Terrell Owens‘ weekly radio show Tuesday, talking about whatever two selfish, unlikeable Dallas receivers talk about. During a commercial break, Irvin leaned over to T.O. and began to whisper conspiratorially about a phone call he had received from the Cowboys owner. Jones, apparently, was “hot” about Brad Johnson. I can’t imagine why, what with Johnson’s 60.3 passer rating in two games. (Full video after the jump.)

So many great things about this. Why do T.O. and Irvin remind me of a couple of 16-year-old girls being catty about someone in school? Maybe because Irvin begins his gossip with “Oh my God,” or maybe it’s because Owens is too engrossed with texting someone to pay attention.

Owens realized just in time to save Jones’ face (and his own ass) that the radio show is broadcast live online, and cuts off Irvin just before he gets to the good stuff. If you ever needed a reason to hate Owens, hate him for censoring what Jerry Jones really thinks of Brad Johnson. Somewhere along the line, (likely after he hired a rogue publicist) T.O. became quite media-savvy. Or maybe he just has a soft spot for beleaguered quarterbacks.

Terrell Owens

This isn’t Jesse Jackson wanting to cut Barack Obama’s balls off, but it may as well be a symbolic castration for Johnson. Sunday’s potential embarrassment against the Giants might be the beginning of the Brooks Bollinger era. Johnson has to make it work, with three of the best WRs in the league in Owens, Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton. He’s also the only QB in league history to throw a touchdown pass to himself, so I guess that’s four receivers with whom he’s been able to do nothing.

This is the second spectacular clip this week that never should have been seen by the public, after Danyelle Sargent’s power of necromancy was revealed to the world. It’s like Christmas in the blog world!