Ireland Nabs Rock-Paper-Scissors Gold In Beijing

Somewhere just outside the Olympic Village at a makeshift club, the venerable Dan Steinberg of the BEIJING SPORTS SMOG went where no “mainstream” reporter dared to go — the 2008 Rock, Paper, Scissors World Championship.  It was here where 4 countries (USA, Canada, Ireland, and for some reason, Guam) battled in out in this game of wit and skill blind luck for Rochambeau bragging rights.

Ireland v. Canada for the R,P,S Gold

When the dust settled and all the scissors had been obliterated by rock, Mark Cleland of Ireland emerged victorious, making Ireland the proud home of the RPS Gold Medal until at least 2012.  Canada’s Sebastian Gatica took home the Silver after storming back from an 8-2 deficit to eventually lose, 10-9.  Sean “Wicked Fingers” Sears of the U.S. got the Bronze.

The Gold Medal winner speaks:

“People have their different ideas,” he said. “Personally, I just focused on I was going to win, I was going to win, and hopefully my mind would make the right decisions.”

That night, Mark certainly made the right decisions and couldn’t be beat.   So what was his training regimen like?

“I was out last night,” he said. “Partying, Beijing style.”

Of course.  Just like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt did, I’m sure.