Iowa Radio Guy: Fulmer Interested In Cyclones Job

One of college football’s preeminent blogs, THE WIZ OF ODDS, digs up the weirdest coaching rumor to come out in awhile - courtesty from KXNO-AM’s Larry Cotlar in Des Moines.

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Cotlar claims he heard from a reliable source that recently ousted Tennessee football coach Philip Fulmer is interested in the now-vacant coaching position at Iowa State.

I received a very interesting phone call yesterday. On the line was someone I respect and trust telling me something that I found very intriguing. He told me that he had spoken with former University of Tennessee head football coach Phil Fulmer and that Fulmer had indicated an interest in the Iowa State coaching vacancy.

Yeah, I know, Cotlar’s *source* does sound a little dubious. And this might be just another small market radio guy banging on pots and pans to get our attention. But after the hilarious (at least for a Georgia fan) Gene Chizik hire at Auburn, absolutely anything is possible.

If not Iowa State, I have to believe Fulmer’ll be back in coaching in some capacity soon. Probably running one of the SEC’s lesser lights like Ole Miss and Arkansas when Houston Nutt and Bobby Petrino inevitably lie in leaving those programs high and dry.

But really, would you hire Fulmer? (No, Krispy Kreme store assistant manager doesn’t apply here.) For someone who had the largest recruiting budget in the country, and a staff that got outcoached consistently, I can’t imagine he’s all that hot a commodity, despite his national championship pedigree.

But for a school like ISU to land him would certainly bring some credibility to a program that really has never had any, at least not in my lifetime. And for those of you who think Iowa State would have to back up a Brinks truck to pay Fulmer, I disagree. He’s got his money and if he has any pride, will want to vindicate his coaching career after his ugly UT exit. Money should be secondary now.

All that said, a story forwarded by someone who calls himself “Cotman” should be taken about as seriously as an Erin Andrews sex tape.

I’m in New York City at the moment, coming off the worst hangover of my life, which of course, is a good excuse to start drinking immediately.

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