Iowa Football Charged w/ 22 Crimes Since April ‘07

If you were asked to name a football team that frequently gets into trouble with the law, your first response would most likely be the Cincinnati Bengals.

Iowa Football Helemt

Yes, the Bengals have put together quite the rap sheet but the Iowa Hawkeyes are quietly putting together a resume of crime that rivals the organization that has employed the likes of Chris Henry, Frostee Rucker, Odell Thurman and Chris Henry for a second time.

Since the season started yesterday (Hawkeyes beat Maine 46-3) or because it’s Iowa and there isn’t much else to do, the DES MOINES REGISTER did some research and some math to tally up the total number of crimes their local football team has been charged with. “The Register found U of I football players have been charged with at least 22 crimes since April 2007, some racking up multiple charges.”

Among the charges found on the timeline the paper compiled, you’ll find: freshman Riley Reiff’s foot race with the law, the siezure of large amounts of prescription drugs and marijuana from backup quarterback Arvell Nelson and wide receiver James Cleveland (the team the sells drugs together wins together), the cuddly teddy bear that is Dana Brown who slammed his girlfriend to the ground, punched her in the stomach and threw her cell phone in to the street, and Abe Satterfield and Cedric Everson who were charged in an alleged sexual assault last October.

The REGISTER reports, “Athletic Director Gary Barta said all U of I student athletes are subject to a code of conduct, as well rules instituted by individual coaches.” That code of conduct seems to be working like a charm, Gary.

First it was the Portland Trailblazers, who were replaced by the Bengals and now the Iowa Hawkeyes are ready to take the crown. I did not see that one coming.