Instant Replay In Baseball: The Debate Rages On

Perhaps the only thing more enraging than the umpires blowing all these home run calls is the discourse that’s ensued over how to fix the issue.

Umpires Baseball conference

Specifically, the debate has been over whether umpires should be allowed to use instant replay.

One side is “no way, no how” against seeing instant replay implemented in baseball. Some people think it sullies the tradition of the game. Others, like Rick Morrissey of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, have logic that’s a bit more humorous:

Who wants to see Ozzie Guillen calmly throw a red flag on to the field signifying his challenge of an umpire’s call? I prefer it when he sends a red streak of profanity in the general direction of umpire Joe West.

You say you would prefer to see the correct call made? I say I would prefer to see Lou Piniella lose it over an ump’s human call. That is as uniquely baseball as managers wearing team uniforms.

There’s another faction that would like to see replay implemented exclusively for home run calls, which makes sense. Morrissey argues that once replay gets any implementation at all, it will seep into other aspects of the games:

Officials insist instant replay would be used only for disputes involving home run calls, but don’t believe them for a second. It eventually will be used for all controversial calls, excluding balls and strikes. If there’s one thing we know about technology, it’s that it takes over like weeds. Or haven’t you seen “2001: A Space Odyssey” yet?

It’s a hot topic right now, considering the number of blown calls we’ve seen this week. But the commotion will eventually die out, and we can get back to waiting for the NFL to resume.