Crazy Hoops; Pens Have Heart; GM’s Heated Chat

• What a crazy night in college hoops - Northwestern stuns Michigan State, Virginia Tech vanquishes #1 Wake Forest, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology puts an end to its 51-game losing streak.

Kevin Coble Northwestern Michigan State

(Kevin Coble & the ‘Cats had the Spartans hopping mad)

• Meanwhile, a Dallas high school cancels its girls basketball season after getting slammed in a game 100-0.

• An 8-year-old hockey player suffering from cystic fibrosis signs an official contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

• St. Louis Cardinals GM John Mozeliak does not suffer online fools gladly.

• And watch out for cops when scalping Redbirds World Series tickets - they’ll steal your stubs and your money.

• The economy isn’t fazing Derek Jeter, who’s constructing a new 31,000 square foot mortgage-free Florida abode.

• A British teen would rather practice safe sax than sign a soccer contract.

• To combat sluggish ticket sales, NASCAR big wig Bruton Smith suggests an NFL-style TV blackout.

• And the winner of today’s chalked-up LeBron caption contest is…

LeBron James chalk cloud

McNabbsSuperBowlTie, with this holy offering: Ah yes, and the white smoke is ascending to the heavens, signaling the election of our new pope, Lebron James.

Thanks for playing. Another contest will be blowing your way tomorrow.