What World Truly Needs: More Ping Pong Players

Remember making up a million little games when you were a kid, like having to jump over all the cracks on the sidewalk while jumping rope or racing through the jungle gym in a certain order faster than anyone else or finding all the places in a room you can stick your tongue into? (We still play that last one.)

Modular Table Tennis System

Some people didn’t. Bless them. Because of them, we bring you the brilliantly insane notion of round table tennis. Or wedge table tennis. Or whatever-you-want-it-to-be table tennis. (They call it “Modular Table Tennis System“. That sounds like an adult name. It’s dumb.) Complete with inappropriately dressed competitors! (Video here.)

Circular table tennis

In the spirit of innovation, we’ve come up with a new game. Write down all the errors made on SPORTSbyBROOKS this week in an email. Once you have them all down, delete the email and go out to the nearest bar for a beer. First one to sip is the winner. We expect to see this event in Chicago in 2016.