Injured, Johnson Gets Wish For 1 Game Anyway

I’ve never been able to get a read on Chad Johnson. He’s the sort of outsized personality that most football fans usually loathe, but Johnson — thanks to success on the field and an endearing edge to his antics — has always been able to get away with whatever he wants. Until this offseason.

The past six months have seen Johnson go from Cincinnati cult hero to outcast, which makes him just like Batman, though Batman has less elaborate costumes. Johnson spent most of his spring complaining about being on the Bengals and insisting they find a way to move him. And last night, if only for one night, Ohco Cinco got his wish.

Yes, the Bengal was injured for a night, left on the sideline to nurse a sprained shoulder. The injury doesn’t seem too serious, but it does serve as a reminder that for all his bluster, Johnson is not only a vital component in the Bengals’ offense (which will have to do nearly everything this year for the team to remain competitive), but that Johnson’s opportunity to be moved is now almost completely gone.

Already, few teams were interested in paying a high price for Ocho Cinco. Add an injury to the mix, and the fact that camp is dwindling and rosters are crystallizing, and it’s looking more and more like the Bengal is going to be stuck in Cincinnati. For good.