Video: Tiger Trick Proof Of Ingram’s Round Of 69?

Last October I noted a BIRMINGHAM NEWS report in which Alabama running back Mark Ingram claimed he’d shot a 69 on a Michigan golf course as an 8th grader.

Mark Ingram Tiger Woods Golf Trick

I wrote at the time:

Don Kausler Jr. of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS has a report today on Alabama running back Mark Ingram that reads like it was ripped straight from THE ONION:

How athletic is Alabama’s sophomore running back, who now is a front-runner for the Heisman Trophy?

He once bowled a 248.

And he once shot a 69 in golf.

As an eighth grader.

Kausler’s only confirmation for those athletic feats was … wait for it … Ingram himself.

I also ran this poll at the time:

Which of these is true?

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Did I speak too soon?

With this brand-new video from ESPN The Magazine, at the very least we can confirm that Ingram has some impressive hand-eye going on.

Maybe Ingram is confused; A Tiger trick and a round of 69 isn’t the same thing.