Infinite ERA Pitcher Gets 50 Game Drug Suspension

• Lino Urdaneta, he of the infinite ERA, added yet another numerical lowlight to his career with a 50-game suspension for flunking a drug test.

Lino Urdaneta Infinity

However, he’s only half as bad as fellow Met minor leaguer Jorge Reyes, who days eariler hit the century mark in banishment for double-dipping on the juice.

• The Devil Rays officially drew 8,443 fans to their first regular-season game in Orlando, which is about 8,000 more than expected.

• The Portland Beavers have scheduled a bobblehead night honoring Bob L. Head. No word on when Richard Hertz and Michael Hunt will receive the same honor.

• Chris Pronger, do not apply rink boards directly to forehead.

• It’s dangerous to own a sports team in Bulgaria. Like his precedessor, the chairman of the Lokomotiv Plovdiv soccer club was shot to death by an unknown assailant.