Indiana Jones Makes Find at 2012 Olympics Site

All right, maybe not Indy, but REUTERS reports that some other non-fictional archaeologists uncovered four prehistoric skeletons at the construction site of London’s 2012 Olympic Village. Really, just old bones? C’mon Britain! You know if this were China, it’d have been an uranium dump.

Bones found at London Olmpics site

But wait, there’s, uh… more!

“Other finds include Iron Age cooking pots, a Roman coin, Roman river walls, World War II gun emplacements and a complete 19th-century boat used for hunting wild fowl on the River Lea.”

With construction set to begin three months from this discovery of artifacts which they had no idea were there, officials are somehow confident (read: possibly bribed to say) that there’s no need for further preservation of the site because there couldn’t possibly be anything else of interest buried there.

That is, except that other Stonehenge they found. THEY’RE NOT TELLING US ABOUT THAT! COVER UP COVER UP THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

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