Indian Pitchers Get Tryout; Discover Song Girls

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh, who won a television reality contest in India that brought them America to try and become the first professional baseball players from their country. And while the whole thing seemed silly at the time, it now appears that the guys are going to actually get a legitimate shot.

Indian Pitchers

(The guy on the left didn’t even know it was Halloween)

At least 20 Major League teams are expected to send representatives to a workout on Thursday featuring the two aspiring pitchers. One scout gives them an 85% chance of making it in baseball, which is a victory for all of us – because the longer they’re here, the longer we get to read the comedy gold that is their blog. (Bad Boys isn’t their favorite movie anymore!)

First things first. USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale writes about the tryout, which is still a curiosity. But many are taking it very seriously:

There will be at least 20 major league teams represented at the workout, [agent] Jeff Borris says; at least a half-dozen teams, including the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians, confirmed to USA TODAY they will attend.

“We don’t know what to expect, but we’ll be there,” says Allard Baird, assistant to Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein. “We’re intrigued like anyone else.”

Says Cleveland Indians general manager Mark Shapiro, who will have player personnel director Steve Lubratich at the workout: “It’s not like you’re going to send all of your scouts over there to watch, but you never want to be left out, either. You never know what will happen. It’s a country that’s been unexplored.”

So unexplored that these guys didn’t even know anything about baseball when they came over here. The first time they played catch, they didn’t understand that they were supposed to catch the ball with their gloves. They just dropped them when the ball was headed their way and caught it with their bare hand.

And while these guys may be true diamonds in the rough (Singh throws 90 with a variety of off-speed pitches while Patel can get it up to 92 and has a circle change), the real gem is their blog, which is just brimming with hilarity. They’re like Phil Hartman’s Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer character – confused by our modern society. And since the last time we checked in, they’ve adopted a new favorite film:

I think we have a new favorite - dethroning BAD BOYS…  We did not think it was possible, but the movie WANTED has even better special effects than any movie seen yet by us.  They somehow got bullets to curve in order to hit target.  There is no way we can explain the special effects…  You just have to see it.

They also got to experience their first Halloween. And it looks like they went out with some pranksters:

Tonight we were celebrating the Halloween Holiday here in America.  we are not sure what the holiday comes from, but kids dress up in all kinds of crazy outfits and then go to houses asking for sweets.  if people in the house no give the sweets then the kids put toilet paper in their trees.

They were also shocked to see women drinking in public.

My heart was warmed most when I read about their attendance at USC’s football game this past weekend. They finally got to see what American sports are all about:

Before the game on the field we were treated to festivities with a marching band.  the band had at least 100 people in it marching and playing instruments.  They also had a squad of women that root for the players and dance in time with the music.

You mean, them?:

USC Song Girls

You guys are gonna make it after all.