Mayweather’s Car Part Of Vegas Shooting Probe?

We’ve got some wild business coming out of Las Vegas, where Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s training to fight next month. Among other things, maybe; that’s for the Las Vegas Police Department to investigate. See, while Mayweather’s not a suspect in a shooting at a roller rink (?!), his car’s a central aspect of the investigation.

CSI Las Vegas
(Say, we know some guys in the area that can get to the bottom of this…)

According to the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, Mayweather’s car was spotted at the scene of last night’s shooting. Is Mayweather involved? Well, no. Or maybe yes. Or just plain maybe. That’s why they do these investigations, y’know.

Per the LVRJ:

Las Vegas police are searching boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s car outside his home as part of an investigation into a late night shooting at a roller rink parking lot.

Witnesses told police shots were fired around 10 or 11 p.m Sunday. near a Crystal Palace roller-skating rink on Boulder Highway and a car belonging to Mayweather may have been involved. A search warrant was served for the boxer’s car this morning. It is unknown whether Mayweather was involved in the shooting.

Las Vegas police Lt. Patrick Charoen said Mayweather’s Rolls Royce was spotted near the scene of the shooting but witnesses didn’t detail whether the boxer could be seen inside the car. Another vehicle was hit several times with bullets but no injuries were reported.

For Mayweather, this is especially bad news. In addition to the regular negative aura around something like “your car is part of a shooting investigation,” the timing’s also quite inopportune. In just about three weeks, Mayweather’s set to square off against Juan Manuel Marquez in a pay-per-view fight that’ll even be shown in movie theaters. Whether the fight stays on probably depends on the extent of Mayweather’s involvement in the shooting.

For boxing, it’s more bad news in a summer of terrible news. Arturo Gatti’s death has been the worst of it, but Vernon Forrest’s killing was also an abjectly tragic development. Oh, and then last week’s epic tirade from Paulie Malignaggi - when his trunks weren’t falling down - really didn’t help. Combined with the continued success of MMA and a general dearth of good news from the boxing world.

So what about this shooting itself? Eh, we’ll see. There are too many different directions - and too few details out - to even both speculating about the eventual outcome. Suffice it to say, though, that if Mayweather turns out to be more actively involved in any aspect of the shooting other than “registered owner of a car seen nearby,” the question may not be whether it’s another embarrassment to the once-great sport, but whether anyone’s even left to notice anymore.