Thomas Jones Can’t Get Enough “Golden Girls”

Pro athletes have some unusual habits - and sometimes they don’t even involve drugs or hookers. Take New York Jets RB Thomas Jones, for example. Lost in all the hubbub about Brett Favre was the fact that Jones had a breakthrough season for the Jets, leading the AFC with 1,312 yards rushing. So what’s his secret weapon? How about four feisty blue hairs named Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy.

Golden Girls and Thomas Jones

As Jones explained to NEWSDAY, his favorite way to unwind is to sit on the couch and watch the ‘Golden Girls’ marathon. Yes, that “Golden Girls”: the mind-numbingly insipid 80s sitcom starring Betty White as a simpleton, Bea Arthur presaging Felicity Huffman’s turn as a transsexual in “Transamerica” and Rue McClanahan as a whore. Personally, I prefer reruns of “Wings” but that’s just me. But for Jones, the show reminds him of simpler times:

“It’s just relaxing because it kind of puts me in a mind-set of how things kind of used to be.

“The world is a crazy place now. You’ve got so much stuff going on. When I see that show, it reminds me of those times when you could go outside and have fun and ride your bike all day.”

Ah yes, the halcyon days of Miami in the 1980s, where you could go for a bike ride and enjoy the wonderful sights. Unless, of course, you wandered into the territory of some Cuban drug runner. You were dead if that happened. Or if you crossed paths with a gang member in the wrong part of town. Or worst of all, a member of the University of Miami football team.

And gee, you don’t think that Jones is going to catch grief from fans in other stadiums now that this has gotten out, especially when the Jets travel to play the Dolphins? But Jones has a response to the Blanche haters out there:

“So I just try to do whatever I can to take me back to where things were normal. A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, he’s an NFL player and he’s watching “The Golden Girls”?’ But it’s just the fact and principle of it.”

I wouldn’t hassle Jones for watching “The Golden Girls.” In fact, I’d thank him. For being a friend. Heh.