Johnny Benson Is Having The Worst Week Ever

Maybe you had a bad week: your boss was breathing down your neck at work, your wife won’t stop nagging you to fix the roof and the transmission went out in your car. But unless you are the protagonist in a country song, I can pretty much promise you that your week went better than race driver Johnny Benson.

Johnny Benson Crash

On Monday, he learned that he was out of a job, as his NASACR Craftsman Truck Series team was folding because of a lack of sponsorship. Which is pretty unusual, since he was the defending series champion. So Benson decided to do some short track racing, including a supermodified race at Berlin Speedway on Saturday near his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Which turned not to work so well either, as THE GRAND RAPIDS PRESS says he remains hospitalized after a fiery crash during the race.

A clip of the crash is after the jump:

Yikes. Benson was able to get out of the car under his own power, and is listed as being in “serious but stable condition.” Benson’s sister posted on his Web page earlier this morning that he was awake and alert in the hospital, but had “at least one broken rib.”

Depending on your point of view, Benson is either: the racing equivalent of Schleprock from “The Pebbles and Bam-Bam Show” after losing his ride and getting into a horrific crash in the same week; or he’s the luckiest racer in the world because he’s alive after suffering such a frightening incident.

Actually, that can’t be true. The luckiest racer in the world is Mark Martin, who went from third to first at the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Michigan Speedway when the two leaders ran out of fuel on the last lap. Benson just has lousy, terrible luck.