UFC Has Competition With EA Sports MMA Game

What the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is for fans of erotica, E3 is for hardcore gamers. Starting today in Los Angeles and going through Thursday, E3 is a virtual cornucopia of excess for the gaming world, with all of the big names making major announcements and rolling out new titles. (And with every company employing scads of scantily-clad “booth workers” to intice horny video game nerds, it’s a lot closer to an adult video convention than you would think.) And while the main headline so far has been the announcement of “Rock Band: Beatles” (complete with a virtual Yoko Ono shrieking at you during the Expert levels), there has also been plenty of news on the sports video gaming front.

EA Sports MMA

For example, GAMASUTRA says that EA Sports (the 700 lb. gorilla of sports video games) is readying an MMA video game for a 2010 release, as a competitor to the UFC-branded game series by THQ. Their press release on “EA Sports MMA” mentions that they plan on having “a vast array of top fighters and fighting styles from around the world,” which seems almost impossible without the UFC brand. They could include fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski, but the names the casual fan knows will be tough to pull off since they are all part of the UFC banner.

Well, I guess they go the old NES unlicensed video game route and include fighters like “Rock Lenser” and “Truck Lindell.” And if you thought Dana White could hurl a stream of vile expletives at MMA competitors before, just wait until you see a virtual, computer animated Dana White spit out a series of 0s and 1s calling John Madden a “BLEEPING motherless BLIP BLOOP BLEEP.”

EA Sports also rolled out previews of “Madden 10,” an according to IGN.COM it includes an upgrade that lets you manage your franchise mode online - because you don’t waste enough of your life on Madden, you can now blow through your work day tweaking your roster on the computer or with an iPhone app. Curious? Here’s the game trailer that was unveiled at the show:

1UP.COM says “Madden 10″ will also include the Wildcat formation, or as many Madden players already know it, “having Tom Brady run a naked bootleg every play to try and get him injured for the season.” OPERATION SPORTS also says that the game will include personalized stances for kickers, for those of you who have been infuriated that Neil Rackers’ stride is exactly the same as Adam Vinatieri’s.

And for those of you who are “extreme,” but not extreme enough to actually try and extreme sport, GAMESPOT reports that the new “Tony Hawk: Ride” will include use a skateboard deck instead of a controller, letting you simluate riding the board in the game. Which is perfect for people looking to have inventive reasons to snap their legs and miss work.