Shaq, T.O. Taking Baby Steps In Broadcast World

As a stunt for his new reality TV show, BLACK SPORTS ONLINE says that Terrell Owens went down to a TV station in Buffalo and spent the day learning what goes into producing a newscast, before taking a crack at becoming a sports anchor for one segment. But anyone expecting a “Boom Goes The Dynamite” -style meltdown should prepare to be disappointed: he was poised, confident and frankly better than half of the sports guys doing the evening news here in Los Angeles. Certainly, it was impressive for the first time.

Terrell Owens at TV taping

But perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked that T.O. would take to being a sports anchor. If you describe someone as a self-centered prima donna who thinks the world revolves around them and will wreak havoc if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants, you just as easily could be talking about Keith Olbermann (allegedly) as you could Terrell Owens (not so allegedly).

Video of Owens’ big day at the TV studio after the jump:

But while TO was playing sportscaster for the day, it appears that another allegedly spotlight-hogging athlete is getting ready for a more serious transition to the media side. AWFUL ANNOUNCING says that Shaquille O’Neal has enrolled in a program called “Sportscaster U” taught by ESPN play-by-play man Dave Ryan and designed to give athletes a crash course in the TV industry. So should we start calling him “The Big Musburger” now?

As part of the class, Shaq is learning about “taping mock stand-ups, scripting material, and conducting interviews. O’Neal even scored the first on-camera interview with former Duke point guard Greg Paulus since he announced his decision to play football at Syracuse in the fall.” Hopefully, one of the classes is also called “Not Mumbling 101.”

But I kid. Shaquille O’Neal would be a great addition to any basketball studio show: think of the fun adding him to the TNT set with Charles Barkley. Or hell, after Jon Gruden skips out on “Monday Night Football”, let’s just add him and T.O. to the booth. That, my friends, is ratings gold.

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