Tennessee Recruit Just Loves Getting Arrested

What makes the perfect football recruit for the Tennessee Volunteers? Apparently its a combination of speed, strength and a criminal rap sheet. Which is why it makes complete sense that Lane Kiffin offered star Ohio high school cornerback Dwayne “Deejay” Hunter a scholarship for next year. With his lockdown ability on defense and history of legal problems, he was the perfect candidate to suit up in Tennessee orange.

Dwayne Hunter

Hunter didn’t sign with Kiffin earlier this year, but based on his recent run of incidents, even the home of The Fulmer Cup might think twice about welcoming him on campus. The MIDDLETOWN JOURNAL says that after a court hearing for allegedly assaulting his 17-year-old girlfriend after their prom, Hunter was arrested for violating the terms of his bond from an incident involving a BB gun in January.

In that case, Hunter allegedly shot a 15-year-old in the face twice with a BB gun. The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER says that in this case, cops say Hunter doubled back while driving past a kid on a bicycle and shot at him with a pellet gun, with a police detective calling it “like a practice drive-by shooting.”

In this latest assault case, police say that Hunter got physical with his girlfriend at a hotel party after their prom to the point that girl’s mother says she’s “lucky to be alive.” Which doesn’t sound like much of an overstatement, since Hunter allegedly “went off on her, started hitting her and choked her out so that she was unconscious.” He later forced her to drive with him to an undisclosed location, where:

“As they were driving, he was hitting her in the face with his hand and fist. He drove to an unknown location. He continued to say that he was going to kill her and continued to hit her.”

And this is the second time Hunter’s been accused of assaulting the same girlfriend, with the first coming when he was 17. So I’m guessing that it might be tough to get him past the admissions process, even at Tennessee. Then again, if Daniel Hood can get in after being involved in the sexual assault of his underage cousin, there might be hope for Hunter yet. I’m sure he’s a good kid who has just made some “poor choices” in the past.

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