Jelena Dokic’s Crazy Dad Threatens Rocket Attack

Crazy Damir Dokic is at it again. The father of tennis star Jelena Dokic has managed to lower the bar for tennis parents with embarrassing displays that would make Mary Pierce’s dad cringe. His past antics have included getting ejected from a tournament for calling an official a “Nazi”, and getting kicked out of the U.S. Open after pitching a fit about the price of a meal at the players’ cafe. Which makes is pretty clear why his daughter ditched him in 2002 and has rarely talked to him since.

Damir Dokic and Jelena Dokic

As you can imagine, Damir has not taken this with grace and class, and he’s made Jelena’s new home of Australia a target. A few years ago, he threatened to kidnap his daughter and nuke Sydney, which is entertaining but kind of vague. Now the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD says he’s gotten more specific, threatening to launch a rocket attack on the Australian ambassador to Serbia, which has been taken seriously enough that he’s been arrested by Serbian police.

The reason for the latest round of insanity? Jelena gave an interview with an Australian magazine claiming that her father beat her, which he wants the magazine to retract. Which I doubt is going to happen, since Damir himself admits to beating her:

“When I was young, I was beaten by my parents and I am now thankful to them for that because that helped me to become the right person,” Dokic said.

“Anyway, is there any parent who didn’t do that at least once or twice, of course - for the sake of their children and their future?”

When he was arrested, police found seven hunting rifles, bombs and bullets. Which in Serbia, I believe is called your “walking around weapons cache.” But THE TIMES OF LONDON said Damir had also told a Serbian publication that he would “only have to click his fingers to be supplied with a grenade launcher.”

“I expect that after my threat the local police will react, arrest me and confiscate my weapons,” he said. “But that would only increase the danger for the ambassador.” 

Uh, yeah.

Guys, I know it’s Mother’s Day this weekend, but when you call home to tell your mom how much you love her, make sure you talk to your dad, too, and tell him you appreciate that he’s never threatened to attack anyone with a rocket grenade. It’s the least you could do.