College Hoops Blogger Makes “Mockery” Of Draft

You’re probably familiar with Mark Titus, the Ohio State basketball walk-on whose CLUB TRILLION blog has made him something of a cult celebrity, mainly because it’s an honest and frequently painfully funny look at life on the end of the bench for a major college program. You might remember back in January when there was a big flap about NCAA violations regarding T-shirts he was selling on his blog, which turned out to be a non-issue.

Mark Titus

But now Titus has managed raise the ire of a group with even less of a sense of humor than the NCAA: THE DAGGER says after being asked by the NBA to stop blogging about the draft because they feared he “was making a mockery of the process,” the league has now informed him (through Ohio State’s Director of Basketball Operations) that he needs to remove his name from the NBA Draft entirely…”or else”. He’s not sure what the that means, but speculates he might be forced to star in an NBA Catalog video like Larry Bird in 1987:

Personally, I’d be frightened that David Stern, angered after watching thuggish incidents involving league stars in person for two nights in a row, might just “make the problem go away” and send a hit squad over to Columbus. (If I were Titus, I’d be concerned if he sees Vinny Del Negro “hanging out” on the campus quad.)

But instead of being angered that he can’t test his draft options (answer: none), Titus is actually pleased that he’s getting the free publicity from the league:

“Because of this, I’m not really all that upset about them treating me differently. In fact, I’m somewhat excited. I could very well be the first person in the history of the NBA to basically be told to go away.”

I don’t buy that second part (Roy Tarpley? Micheal Ray Richardson?), but I get Titus’ overall point. Plus, how in the hell could he possibly be tarnishing the NBA Draft “process”? This is the same process that brought us a steady stream of franchise-killing Euro busts; draft picks being forced to put on hats of teams everyone know they’ll never play for; and Stephen A. Smith.

Quite frankly, the NBA Draft could use more people like Titus getting involved, Can’t ESPN hire him as some sort of special correspondent?

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