A Tale Of Booze, Drugs, Underage Sex & Tennis

I would imagine that being a tennis coach in Santa Barbara is a pretty plum job: wonderful weather, beautiful scenery, and a chance to get paid for playing and coaching tennis. Of course, if allegations against former Santa Barbara High School girls tennis coach Peter Jeschke are correct, there’s are also much more slimy and insidious perks to the job - like being able to get your attractive teenage players wasted on booze and/or drugs and then have sex with them.

Peter Jeschke

More than 18 months after his alleged crimes took place, Jeschke’s trial has finally started. THE SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT has the latest from the courthouse, and even for a blog culture that is pretty jaded to the daily barrage of stories involving youth sports coaches taking advantage of their players, the details are pretty appalling.

Among the “highlights” (for lack of a better term), prosecutors say that Jeschke allegedly:

  • Got several of his players drunk as a “reward” for good play during a tournament at Disneyland, including “a mimosa at breakfast, and a six pack of beer and two mini-bottles of hard liquor later on in the day”;
  • Was very flirtatious with one player, saying she “had the best body on the tennis team” and slapping her on the butt;
  • Got the same player drunk on wine and then had oral sex with her;
  • Gave her pot and ecstasy and then had unprotected sex with her;
  • …and then woke her up so she could drive home by giving her lines of coke.

Police say it all unraveled for Jeschke when the student he had sex with confided in a friend that she was worried that she had “potentially contracted an STD or become pregnant” thanks to Jeschke. After denying anything had happened to the school principal, Jeschke then allegedly tried to call one of his players to urge her not to say anything. Unfortunately for him, the student happened to be in the principal’s office at the time, with the call being put on speaker phone.

But of course, Jeschke’s lawyers have a defense. You see, the “victim” happens to have a diary with dates and entries that just happen to match the police’s version of the story. So clearly, she destroyed her original copy of the diary and forged a new one. (And there’s no way that the diary and the police accounts match up because they are both the truth.)

Jeschke is being defended by the law firm Geregos & Geregos, which has such illustrious clients as Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder and Scott Peterson - all known for being fine, upstanding members of the community who happened to be victims of circumstance. I guess that being a tennis coach in Santa Barbara must pay pretty well for Jeschke to afford the big guns.