Strahan Says Boldin Needs To Shut Up And Play

The Anquan Boldin vs. the Arizona Cardinals contract situation is getting messier by the day; the latest news is that the team is now “considering” trade offers for their disgruntled star wide receiver. And everyone in the league seems to have an opinion on the situation. The latest personality to weigh in is Michael “Sylvester the Cat” Strahan, and as PRO FOOTBALL TALK notes, he has a simple message for Boldin: shut up and play.

Anquen Boldin and Michael Strahan

While fulfilling a sponsorship commitment in Phoenix this weekend at the NASCAR Subway Fit 500, Strahan had some pointed advice for the disgruntled Boldin. According to Strahan, Boldin isn’t doing himself any favors by talking to the press about his desire to either get more money or go somewhere that will pay him more money:

“I know he’s not happy here but complaining about it in the press really doesn’t help you,” Strahan said.

Which is a fair point: as PRO FOOTBALL TALK says, making your case in the press rarely works and in extreme cases, it can lead to teams stubbornly keeping unhappy playersjust to prove some sort of point. Besides, playing in Phoenix isn’t all bad:

“Playing in Arizona’s not so bad. He could be with T.O. (Terrell Owens) in Buffalo. It’s colder up there.”

Perhaps Boldin should listen to the advice; after all, Strahan knows a thing or two about being a disgruntled star player looking for more money. Not that he ever took the same advice he’s dishing out when it was offered to him, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right?