Ex-UGA Bulldog “Saturates” Cop Car With Urine

Apparently, there’s a Bulldog in Georgia other than Uga who needs to be housebroken: RED & BLACK reports that former Georgia starting safety and defensive captain Kelin Johnson was arrested on Sunday morning for a traffic violation and a DUI. Nothing noteworthy there, except for what Johnson allegedly did on the ride to the police station: relieving himself in the back seat of the cop car to the point that it was - according to the police report - “completely saturated with urine.”

Kelin Johnson

Johnson’s arrest is completely out of character for the former safety, who was a starter in 2006 and 2007. He’s known for his good news around the community, including being named to the American Football Coaches Association Good Works Team his senior season. And while being a good citizen involves giving and sharing, this seems to be taking it a bit too far.

And for someone who was a Speech Communication major in college, Johnson seemed to have a lot of trouble communicating with the officer during his field sobriety test, repeatedly failing to follow the instructions. After his arrest, he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t given a breath test before his arrest (not all cops carry devices), and went back and forth on if he would take one at the station. But at least he was asking questions…a lot of questions:

The offender then began to ask why he was not being given a breath test on the spot. I explained to him that only some officers carry those devices and that I did not. He also asked what he had done during the field sobriety evaluations that caused him to be arrested. He also wanted to know if the field sobriety evaluations are taped. I explained that our patrol vehicles did not have cameras or recording equipment in them. He wanted to know why they did not. He then stated that he was a tax payer and that he would pay for cameras to be placed in the vehicles because that was something his tax dollars should be used for.

If even the criminals are asking for more technology for cops, you know there’s a problem in Georgia.  I’m sure the cop who arrested Johnson wished he had some advanced technology by the time he was done -  a box of ShamWows or at least some extra-absorbent paper towels.

Johnson has been working with the Bulldogs’ defensive backs during spring ball, and also contributes “Kelin’s Keys to the Game” on the official Georgia Web site before games. Looks like someone should have given him sone “Keys to Getting Arrested”. Key No. 1: Don’t Saturate the Cop Car with Urine.