Report: Stallworth Drunk At Time Of Fatal Crash

It looks like a lot of bad news is going to come raining down on Donte Stallworth very soon. As we reported earlier this week, the Browns wide receiver struck and killed a pedestrian with his car this past weekend, and video at the scene showed police giving him a field sobriety test. Now sources close to the investigation are telling multiple media outlets - including the MIAMI HERALD - that Stallworth was legally drunk at the time of the crash.

Donte Stallworth sobriety test

PRO FOOTBALL TALK reported earlier in the week that prosectors had been operating under the assumption that Stallworth was legally drunk and had already starting preparing their indictment for DUI manslaughter, which WSVN-TV says carries with it a 15-year sentence and mandatory jail time even if a plea deal is reached.

Stallworth allegedly told police that he had at least four Patrons and two margaritas the night of the accident, even if he is also claiming that he had his last drink at midnight and the accident occured at 7 a.m. (In which case, what was he doing in those seven hours?) No matter what, that’s probably one reason why prosectors felt confident enough to start the DUI manslaughter indictment before the final toxicology reports had been received.

Stallworth has reportedly been “grief-stricken” since the accident, which I would hope he would be. I don’t know how this case is going to end, but no matter what, I hope he learns something from this whole harrowing experience. Unlike other NFL players who have been involved in fatal DUI crashes like Leonard Little, who then went out and continued to drink and drive.