PJ Hill Prepares For NFL Draft With Multiple DUIs

Every year, there’s one player who manages to screw himself over just before the NFL Draft by getting arrested for some stupid reason. If you had Wisconsin running back P.J. Hill in your pool, guess what: you’re a winner! The WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL says the former Badgers star was arrested last Saturday after allegedly leading police on a brief, drunken car chase.

PJ Hill

This is a bad thing to have happen to anyone a month before the NFL Draft. But if you’re someone projected to be a fifth or sixth round draft pick, it’s pretty much career suicide. Especially if you were already suspended as a freshman for an incident at a dorm room where you were allegedly “brandishing a baseball bat.” You might as well just start asking Dennis Green if his UFL team needs any running backs.

Police says they were originally called to a Madison, WI, mini-mart early Saturday morning after reports that a car had sideswiped a guardrail and then driven away. Cops found the car - with Hill driving - at a nearby stoplight. Hill then allegedly gunned through the red light when cops tried to pull him over and leading authorities on a short car chase before he crashed his car and was arrested at gunpoint.

Prosecutors are recommending that Hill not be allowed to travel out of state, which puts a dent into his plans to continue training for the draft in Arizona. That state’s authorities might have something to say about that, too, since - SURPRISE! - he’s also back in court on Thursday to answer to a host of charges in Scottsdale, including runken driving, unreasonable speed and making unsafe lane changes.

Interestingly enough, the judge in the case didn’t put together who Hill was at first until his lawyer mentioned the NFL Draft - he had only known him as Parrish Hill. But despite his local hero status (he is the third-leading rusher in Badgers history), the judge didn’t bend to his every wish. Which is a terrible blow - after all, what NFL team wouldn’t want an undersized power back with court cases spread across the country?