Smush Parker Calls Out Kobe, Not Delusional At All

You have to be suspicious of any interviewer who introduces Smush Parker as “a legend in his own right” - a legend at what, being mediocre? But shockingly that’s not the dodgiest thing said in an interview found by the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER of the former Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat point guard playing ball in New York this past summer. Instead, it’s Parker who comes up with the outrageous statements, specifically about Kobe Bryant.

Smush Parker and Kobe Bryant in happier times

In the interview, Parker is questioned about his time playing with the Lakers, which he says was overrated. He then says that his main problems with the team weren’t with management or coach Phil Jackson, but with Bryant, saying that “the problems¬†with that team¬†start with him and end with him.” Don’t believe me? Check out the video for yourself after the jump:

Yeah, that’s right: not only is Kobe Bryant the biggest problem that the Lakers have, but “people think playing for Kobe is the best thing since sliced bread, but it isn’t.” Because - and I know this sounds crazy - Kobe was probably crazy demanding and wanted things from his starting point guard like more than three assists per game. What kind of a tyrant is he?

But then again, you can make those kind of statements when you’re a star player like Smush Parker. At least, a star in China, where he is leading the Guangdong Southern Tigers to … I don’t know, something, but as an American he’s automatically one of the most well-known players in the league. After all, he played with Kobe Bryant!

And Shaquille O’Neal as well, albeit for a brief period of time. No need to ask where Smush stands in the Shaq/Kobe “feud” - he calls Shaq one of the nicest players he’s ever played with. Maybe we can expect Parker to come out with his own Kobe-baiting rap song soon - I wonder how “how does my a$$ taste” translate in Mandarin?