MLB Wife Bitten By Scorpion At Spring Training

Personally, I can think of many reasons to not live in Arizona: the heat, the abundance of speed traps (a costly lesson) and the high resident/meth lab ratio. And know I can add something else to my “con” list: scorpions. No, not the Scorpions who sing about the “Wind of Change” (that’s reason not to move to Germany), but the actual arachnids.

Jhonny and Molly Peralta

That’s a lesson that Jhonny Peralta and his wife Molly learned recently while staying in the Phoenix suburb of Goodyear for Cleveland Indians spring training. The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports that Molly Peralta was bitten under the arm by a scorpion while sleeping in a house the couple were renting.

Molly is fine - while scorpions are venomous, most bites are not fatal. According to Jhonny, the house they were staying at was pretty - except for that pesky scorpion problem:

“The house is beautiful,” said Peralta, “but there’s nothing around, just mountains and desert. There’s a lot of scorpions around there. We saw about seven or eight scorpions in the house.

“She was bitten in the bed. I said, “I don’t like this.’”

Personally, seeing even one scorpion would be enough to get me out of the house, no questions asked. But that view must have been really beautiful, because the Peraltas tried to stay there by calling in exterminators - even after Molly was bitten! - who unsuccessfully tried to kill the scorpions off. Maybe they should have called in this guy:

John Goodman in Arachnophobia

And here’s what you don’t want to hear from a doctor when you call in a panic that you’ve just been bitten by a poisonous creature:

She called the doctor and he said there’s nothing he could do. They said if she felt something wrong, to call them again.”

So basically, “let us know if you start dying, otherwise stop bothering me.”  Not exactly my idea of “bedside manner.”