TBS Answers Your Prayers, Gives Ax To Frank TV

Folks, much like the end of the Vietnam War, our long national nightmare is finally over. I’m talking about the news in BROADCASTING & CABLE that TBS has canceled Frank TV. Finally, we can now watch baseball playoff games free from the fear of being bombarded with a barrage of advertisements so unrelenting that even Frank Caliendo felt bad about it. You can expect a ticker tape parade down Broadway for the TBS programmer who made the decision to axe the show.

Frank Caliendo is John Madden

But war is hell, and not all the news is good. The same article also has the news that Caliendo has signed a new two-year deal to continue being not funny on Fox NFL Sunday. Fortunately, you know that he’s always going to be on during the last segment of that show, making it possible to find something else to do in the five minutes before your regional coverage of San Francisco at Seattle begins.

Fox NFL Sunday’s producer explains the decision to bring Caliendo back (and somehow avoids using the words “deal with the Devil” or “pictures of me in compromising situations with a baby deer”):

“Frank is an integral part of the success that has made Fox NFL Sunday the number one pregame show in NFL history,” said Scott Ackerson, the show’s coordinating producer.

I guess. Among the unspoken “parts” that were more integral to the success of Fox NFL Sunday: catering, the best grip, and janitorial services. I cannot imagine anyone other than Caliendo’s immediate family who tunes into the pregame show just to see if he’s going to bust out John Madden again, or mix it up and go with Charles Barkley interviewing John Madden. Wacky!

Frank TV actually received decent ratings, and managed to run for two seasons.  Meanwhile, Freaks and Geeks only ran for one season before getting canceled. Think about how much sense that makes while you flip around for something decent to watch on TV tonight.