Father Charged In Cheerleader Stripper Pole Party

Getting a bunch of high school cheerleaders drunk at your house and having them dance on a stripper pole might be a dream if you are a teenager. But if you are the father of a teenager, then it’s just creepy and gross. And illegal, as Steven Russo, 36, of Bethlehem Township, PA, has learned, as the LEIGH VALLEY NEWS says he’s now facing a variety of charges after allegedly hosting drinking parties and encouraging Freedom High cheerleaders to dance on a stripper pole in his basement.

Freedom High cheerleaders and Steven Russo

How was Russo caught? Because photos of underage girls kissing him and dancing on the pole made their way onto Facebook. Apparently this caused some of the cheerleaders to start arguing, and one of them decided to ruin the fun by showing the pictures to an administrator. Her name: Molly McNofun.

The party in question happened on Dec. 12, and involved Russo’s 17-year-old son and eight other students. Any parties my parents allowed me to have included cherry Kool-Aid and using the bumper pool table in our rec room. Russo’s idea of a good time: getting the kids loaded and encouraging them to use the stripper pole located in his basement:

The teens allegedly listened to Russo spin tales about his sexual exploits and drank vodka, rum and beer he gave them. They also mingled in the basement while he played music and shouted, “Get on that pole,” according to a criminal complaint filed by Bethlehem Township police at the office of District Judge Joseph Barner.

It’s also worth noting that Russo’s four-year-old kid was allegedly at home during the party, and one of the students helped Russo change his sheets after he wet the bed. So it’s nice to know that they were being compassionate as they were getting bombed.

Then again, Russo hardly seems like your average dad. After all, did your dad enter himself in a local magazine’s “Sexiest Bartender” contest, featuring pictures of his shirtless, buff body? He did? That’s just…weird, because Russo did as well. BUSTED COVERAGE has photos for you to peruse at your own leisure.