Chiefs Star ‘Shocked’ By New Coach’s ‘Arrogance’

If Kansas City Chiefs fans thought that new head coach Todd Haley and GM Scott Pioli would bring new stability to the organization, they should think again. The KANSAS CITY STAR is reporting that Pro Bowl guard Brian Waters is asking to be released or traded after being shocked” by the arrogance of the two in their first meetings - confirming what he has heard about Haley from Arizona Cardinals players at the Pro Bowl.

Brian Waters

There were three Cardinals at the Pro Bowl this year: Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner, all of whom played under Haley’s direction as Arizona’s offensive coordinator, and all of whom have their reasons for bad-mouthing Haley to his new star lineman. But old grudges aside, Haley and Pioli did themselves no favors with Waters in terms of making good first impressions.

According to the report, Waters flew out to Kansas City to specifically meet with Haley and Pioli to find out their long-term plans for the team. Which sounds reasonable, especially since Waters is one of the few good players on the team who have had to suffer through the team’s ennui in recent years. But Haley and Piloi’s apparent reactions were anything but reasonable:

Pioli declined to meet with Waters, saying they had nothing to discuss, the source said. And Haley began his hallway conversation with Waters by proclaiming that 22 players off the street could win two games, the source said.

Which we all know is not true: the Lions had 22 players - some of them who weren’t pulled off of the unemployment line! - and they still managed to go 0-16. And it’s also a huge slap in the face by a head coach meeting with the supposed anchor of his offensive line, essentially telling him that I put anyone in your spot and it wouldn’t matter.

I can’t imagine why a Pro Bowl player and one of the more respected linemen in the game would be offended by that. So now you can add Waters to Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez as Chiefs’ offensive stalwarts asking to or thinking about leaving the Chiefs. But that’s OK - when you have as much talent as the Chiefs, you can afford to be this arrogant.