Phelps Bong Belonged To Millionaire Poker Pro

Who was the entrepreneur that tried to sell the Michael Phelps bong on eBay for $100,000? RADAR ONLINE says that police in South Carolina have discovered the bong bearer to be a 23-year-old professional poker player named Zachery “Carter” King.

Zachery King and Michael Phelps

King, who goes by the online screen name “ckingusc,” has more than $2 million in career poker earnings, including $1.3 million for winning the 2008 Poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event. He was arrested by police in South Carolina on Feb. 7 and charged with simple marijuana possession by authorities who clearly searching way too hard for someone to send to jail.

But as POKER NEWS DAILY reports, King’s own worst enemy might have been himself. He allegedly posted the following on the Something Awful forums about the infamous Phelps photo:

wiw thats my bong at my house. Gobbo/psyduck or any other poker guy on SA can confirm. More important, how much [do you] think that bong is worth on eBay?

His bragging apparently tipped off South Carolina authorities, who decided to use that as grounds to obtain a search warrant for King’s house - a search warrant that did not specifically mention Phelps. King is now claiming that he’s “not dumb enough to actually try and sell a bong on eBay” although evidence might suggest otherwise.

But what was Michael Phelps doing hanging out with a poker-playing pothead anyway? Apparently Phelps is a poker fan and amateur player, having recently hung out with poker stars like Doyle Brunson and Jennifer Harmon, and walking around the World Series of Poker with Phil Hellmuth. I would think that along with everything else, Olympic officials wouldn’t be pleased to see him getting involved with hiigh-stakes gambling of any kind.