Anna Rawson Disses “Dyke” Golfers, Is Still Hot

Anna Rawson usually knows how to get publicity for herself (even if it’s not because of her game) -  the saucy LPGA golfer is quick with a quote and also quick to pose for pictures in skimpy, revealing outfits. But DEADSPIN passes on word that she’s getting publicity for all the wrong reasons, as she is having to defend herself after making some less-than-PC comments about lesbian golfers to an Australian radio station.

Anna Rawson bikini

Specifically, she was asked about how much women’s golf has changed in recent years. Unfortunately, her answer didn’t involve deeper fields, a higher caliber of players, the influx of worldwide talent. Instead, she chose to reflect on how writers and male fans perceive the sport, using a word describing a barrier that holds back water in Holland quite descriptively:

“The tour has got so much better with so many young stars and great players. But the mentality unfortunately amongst the media and the industry hasn’t changed….They still think we’re at 25 years ago when the tour was full of, you know, a lot of dykes and unattractive females nobody wanted to watch.”

Somewhere, Jan Stephenson is ready to wrap a nine-iron around Rawson’s throat.  Once word of Rawson’s comments got out, all hell broke loose, and Rawson - in her native Australia to compete in a tournament - was forced to call a press conference to address the issue.

Anna Rawson

Of course, she’s claiming her remarks were taken out context, and that she was talking about her opinion of golf at as a two-year-old. Or not her opinion at all. Or something:

“I wasn’t talking about my opinion because 25 years ago I was two years old,” she said yesterday after shooting 70 in the second round of the Masters, enough to finish the day tied 20th on three-under.

“I was making a reference to how I feel society sees women’s golf as a whole. I don’t believe that. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that was my opinion and I am sorry I said that, definitely.

“I was making a reference to how women make seven times less than men on the course and 20-to-25 times less on the sponsorship front. It’s amazing how women’s golf has grown and we have many great young players out here, yet society and the media haven’t really caught on to that.

“That’s what I was talking about, I wasn’t talking about my opinion at all.”

And then she started crying. Women: always with the crying. The good news is that if you want to console her, you can always call her cell phone, although I don’t know if it will be working in Australia. The bad news is that you can pretty much rule out any fantasies involving her and Paula Creamer having an intense, one-on-one practice session with sexy results.

I’m sure the LPGA isn’t going to be pleased with Rawson’s comments. But hey, at least she speaks English, right?