Red Sox Owner, 59, Ready To Marry 30-Year-Old

Oh, to be rich, moderately attractive and the owner of one of the most successful franchises in sports. Take Boston Red Sox owner John Henry, for example. Less than a year after his divorce from his second wife Peggy, the 59-year-old Henry is ready to give the whole wedding thing a try for the third time. The BOSTON HERALD says that Henry popped the question to his girlfriend Linda Pizzuti and they have a June wedding planned.

Linda Pizzuti and John Henry

I should point this out: his attractive, successful 30-year-old girlfriend. They met in June at a posh local lounge and have been inseparable ever since. According to the BOSTON GLOBE, they traveled to Paris over the 2008 All-Star break (even owners don’t watch the All-Star Game), where she was introduced to the insanity of Red Sox Nation, as Henry was deluged with autograph seekers. At the Louvre.

Pizzuti is in the real estate business with her family, and obviously travels in the right circles. I guess it goes without saying that their wedding is going to be lavish: it’s being held on the Iroquois, Henry’s 164-foot yacht, which is a fixture of big-time parties during baseball season.

And where will the happy couple be living? In the estate Henry bought from Dodgers owner Frank McCourt for $16 million. Sort of. After buying the seven bedroom, 11 bathroom mansion, Henry decided he didn’t like it, so he tore it down and is in the process of building it again. Which puts my big decision to paint the walls in my apartment light yellow into some perspective.

So, after the marriage, will this make Pizzuti the hottest owner’s wife in sports? I;d like to know if you can think of any wife who is hotter (and anyone answering “Linda McCourt” is banned). To satisfy your curiosity, here are a few more picture of Henry’s bride-to-be:

Linda Pizzuti

Linda Pizzuti