Reinsdorf Slams Bulls Coaches, Tempted To Boo

A little more than a year after pulling the plug on his then-head coach Scott Skiles on Christmas Eve, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf is up to his old tricks. With his team floundering well under .500, he’s not only said that he’s been tempted to stand up and boo this season, but he’s ripped the organization and the coaching staff, specifically new head coach Vinny Del Negro’s relationship with his assistant coaches.

Jerry Reinsdorf and Vinny Del Negro

Last Friday on the “Monsters in the Morning” cable TV show, Reinsdorf said that the season was a “disaster” and that he viewed it as an “organizational failure” - but not the fault of GM John Paxson. Most people took that as a thinly-veiled swipe at Del Negro. But now the CHICAGO DAILY HERALD is reporting that Reinsdorf is singing a different tune:

At SoxFest on Saturday, Reinsdorf went a step further when pressed by a radio reporter for an assessment of first-time coach Vinny Del Negro.

“How many coaches do we have?” Reinsdorf asked.

When the reporter answered one, Reinsdorf countered by saying, “No, we don’t. You know what I’m saying?”

Yeah, very subtle, Jerry. The coaching staff in question is quite large, and includes former NBA head coaches Del Harris and Bernie Bickerstaff, who were brought in to help ease Del Negro’s transition from NBA assistant to first-time head coach. And of course, nothing helps soothe a difficult situation with egos clashing than the owner making things public.

As taxing as the New York Knicks job is, don’t you think Mike D’Antoni is really pleased he took that job instead of signing on with the Bulls in the off-season?

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