Wild Thing: Dykstra Will Be Broke In Three Years

No one should have been shocked that Lenny Dykstra was far less of a financial savant than he portrayed himself to be in countless media interviews. After all, this is someone who allegedly rang up huge gambling debts and was sued by his former accountant for more than $110,000. Plus, everyone know that you take financial advice from someone named Randolph or Mortimer, not someone who goes by “Lenny.”

Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra hate each other

But he always seemed like the type of guy who would be a great teammate in the clubhouse. Someone would would bring lots of energy, and get the other players fired up. But not all of his former teammates seem to agree, such as Phillies reliever/World Series goat Mitch Williams, who told the READING EAGLE that Dykstra was something of a pariah in the clubhouse:

“I didn’t talk to Lenny in the three years I played here,” he said of his Philadelphia stint (1991-93). “He’s just one of those guys you didn’t talk to.”

Nobody did, Williams said.

“Lenny was above all of us,” he said. “He was in his own world.”

As for Dykstra’s alleged investment genius, Williams is less than sold:

“They want to talk about him being a financial genius, that’s great,” Williams said. “But he’s the most common sense-void person I’ve ever met in my life. He makes no sense whatsoever. You can’t converse with him. You could have a better conversation with a tree.”

I tend to agree with Williams here, but that’s hardly a knock on Dykstra: I had a lot of long, deep and meaningful conversations with trees back in high school. I found maple trees to be the best conversationalist, while pine trees were more reserved (like most conifers are.) Also, I did a lot of drugs in high school, so take that at face value.

But Williams’ claim that Dykstra “won’t have two nickels to rub together in three years” just seems absurd. After all, he always has his successful car wash franchise to fall back on, and there’s no way that could get him in trouble. Actually, never mind.

But I’m sure that with his colorful past, he could always produce an entertaining memoir that would net him some quick cash.

Wait, what? Seriously, he’s being sued by his book agent in a case involving a book he agreed to write but never did? Never mind, maybe the Wild Thing is right.