Rob Parker Joins Marinelli In Unemployment Line

If you live outside of Michigan, you probably know DETROIT NEWS columnist Rob Parker as the idiot who asked then-Detroit Lions head coach Rod Marinelli after a typically ugly loss if he “wishes his daughter had married a better defensive coordinator,” (Marinelli’s son-in-law was also his defensive coordinator), drawing the ire of the nation. Local fans knew this was just one in a series of self-aggrandizing, idiotic escapades showing his lack of journalistic integrity. Either way, chance are you think he’s a total sleaze.

Rob Parker's next stop

If so, then the WORLD OF ISSAC has great news for you: they’ve confirmed that Parker is no longer with the paper. The DN’s managing editor has said that Parker “resigned,” which is a nice way to say “canned” without violating any terms of a contract buy-out. And his name has been removed from the paper’s list of columnists.

Video of the infamous press conference (and the Fox NFL crew’s reaction) are after the jump:

While no one will confirm that Parker’s comments towards Marinelli lead to his “resignation,” it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there might be a connection. After all, his last column for the paper was his weak attempt at an apology to Marinelli after getting blasted by every media outlet under the sun.

But of course, longtime readers know this was just another example of shameful actions by Parker. You might remember him for claiming Michigan State’s back-up QB being in trouble over a brawl and then offering a weak apology when it turned out he was dead wrong. Or that he once called Hank Aaron a coward. We could go on and on.

Despite the cliche, not all publicity is good publicity, and while people nationally might know who Rob Parker is now, it’s not for anything notable. Good luck finding three references for your next job interview, Rob.