JC Football Rapists Allegedly Taped Their Crime

Congratulations to three guys in Tustin, California, including two members of the Santa Ana College football team, for allegedly combining total and complete moral repugnance with shocking stupidity. The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that they were arrested this week and charged with raping one of their friend’s girlfriends and videotaping the whole thing.

Luster Lewis and Michael Clemmons

Dons wide receiver Luster Lewis and running back Michael Clemmons were arrested on charges relating to the assault that took place this past July, while a third suspect turned himself into police on Friday. If convicted, each man could face up to 18 years in prison.

Police say the three were partying at a less-than-reputable motel in Tustin when Lewis called a girlfriend of one of their friends and invited her over. After lots of drinking (and perhaps some other substances such as “date rape” drugs), the victim passed out. At which point the video camera came on and the awfulness began.

The videotape - said to be shot by Foster - shows the other two undressing the unconscious victim and assualting her multiple times.  Not wanting to miss out in his time in the spotlight, Foster then is allegedly seen handing the tape off to take his turn before finishing things off by urinating on the victim.

Apparently they learned nothing from R. Kelly. They were busted when a friend of theirs somehow found the videotape and reported it to police, proving that there’s at least one person at Santa Ana College with some moral decency.