Prepare To Hate Tom Arnold This March Madness

Hey, sports fans! Thought you had seen the last of Tom Arnold doing anything sports-related after he left “The Best Damned Sports Show Period”? (Assuming you were one of the 20 people who actually still watch.) Well, MEDIAWEEK says that he’s back on your TV, sort of, as he’s set to star in a Web series for CBS.

Tom Arnold

Titled “Heckle-U,” the 10-episode series focuses on “an underachieving slacker who excels at heckling during college basketball games with the help of his bartender uncle.” (In case you couldn’t figure it out, Arnold plays the bartender uncle.) So basically, the series will be celebrating the exact type of fan behavior that the NCAA works hard to discourage. Brilliant.

Arnold’s co-star is one of the guys from “Punk’d” who wasn’t Ashton Kutcher.  No previews have been made public, so it’s hard to say if it rises to the level of quality of the Sklar Brothers’ online series for Topps, which is to say “generates some mild chuckles.”

If this generates tepid interest from you, be warned: this is going to run during the NCAA Tournament, and CBS is planning “some on-air exposure on CBS in the form of interstitials during March Madness.” Which probably means “during every other commercial break.” I’m predicting “Frank TV” levels of saturation for this bad boy by the time the Sweet Sixteen rolls around.

I have to admit I’m a little intrigued by the concept. Especially Tom Arnold’s involvement in it. After all, you would think that someone who actually had sex with Roseanne would shy away from encouraging heckling.