Ron Artest Loves Celine Dion, Bedeviled By Bacon

Some athletes are just so insane that what would be considered to be completely off-the charts bonkers for the average player is yawn-inducing coming from them. A perfect example: Ron Artest. Honestly, if you read an interview with him where he went into great detail about imaginary friend Harvey the Rabbit, would you surprised at all?

Ron Artest and Celine Dion

But his answers to a “My Profile” piece for SPORTING NEWS TODAY are gloriously loopy even by his standards. One of the highlights? When asked what was in his iPod, he gave two answers. One was “my own music,” which is predictably self-serving. But the other answer is so bizarre that if it was someone other than Ron Artest who gave it, you would be sure it was a joke: Celine Dion.

That’s right, the skeletal, frightening French-Canadian warbler has a special place in Artest’s “Top Tunes” section on his iPod along with his own “music” and 50 Cent (presumably, since 50 Cent’s Web site is listed as one of Artest’s favorites).  I’m guessing his is about the only iPod in America with Celine Dion and 50 Cent both on it. Listening to his iPod on Shuffle Mode must be like being stuck inside jukebox going haywire.

But that’s not all. Among the other highlights from the profile are:

  • His favorite TV personality? Bill O’Reilly. At first I didn’t see the connection. But then I remembered that both Artest and O’Reilly seem to have problems controlling their tempers (NSFW for naughty language):
  • Which magazine does he read most often? Along with some hip-hop magazines, he says that he frequently buys Scientific American at the newsstand. Glancing over their Web site, I wonder if he’s most interesting in nanotechnology or electrical engineering?
  • He also seems to be obsessed with bacon. His superstition is “never beat bacon” while his worst habit is listed as “eating bacon.” And his motto? “Don’t eat bacon if you’ve never touched a pig!” If he drops out of the NBA and winds up walking the Earth like Kane from “Kung Fu,” don’t say you weren’t warned.