MILF Medalist Torres Might Swim 2012 Olympics

Beyond Michael Phelps, perhaps the most stunning achievement in the pool at the Beijing Olympics was 41-year-old Dara Torres winning three silver medals while being twice the age of most of her competitors. It was an amazing accomplishment, and at the time looked like the perfect end to an incredible career.

Dara Torres

But it turns out that Torres might not be finished yet. AOL FANHOUSE says the MILF medalist told Bob Costas on his “Costas Now” show that she hasn’t ruled out attempting to make the 2012 Olympic team and compete in London at age 45.

When Bob Costas asked if she was ruling out 2012, Torres said, “I’ve learned to never say never. … I love competing. … I’m still improving, so why not keep going until I’ve hit my peak?”

Hit her peak? What started out as a feel-good story is now getting creepy. Is this like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” where she is getting physically younger as she ages? (Or, depending on your tastes, Mearth from “Mork & Mindy”.) I knew that resistance stretching could be effective in keeping limber and loose, but apparently it is more than just a great workout - they can keep you in perfect shape forever.

Meanwhile, BANG SHOWBIZ says that Torres has a new training partner: former “X-Files” star David Duchovny, who is apparently training to do a triathlon and has been spotted working out along with Torres. You know, the guy who recently split from his wife because of his sex addiction? I would assume that he has almost as much experience with “resistance stretching” than Torres has.