Polamalu Replaces Mean Joe Greene In New Ad

I can guarantee that Troy Polamalu will be part of this year’s Super Bowl. No, I’m not making any bold, reckless predictions about theĀ  odds of the Steelers winning the AFC this season, and who knows if he’ll actually be playing. But the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE reports that the long-haired safety will be the star of a remake of a legendary Coca-Cola ad featuring Steelers great Mean Joe Greene.

Mean Joe Greene

The original ad, which debuted during the Super Bowl in 1980, was one of the most iconic commercials of its time. It featured a young boy congratulating Greene for his performance with a Coke, and being rewarded with Greene throwing him his jersey.

Video of the original ad is after the jump:

Obviously, Coca-Cola would like to keep the nature of the remake secret until the game. But we’ve managed to obtain access to the top-secret script of the commercial. It stays pretty close to the original, except for the fact that when Polamalu first tries to leave, the “kid” (played by Larry Johnson) pulls him down by his hair, and then spits the Coke in his face. I think that last part might have been improv, though.

Of course, I don’t understand why the commercial ends with a ref suddenly appearing on-screen and announcing that “after further review, this commercial has been overturned” before immediately cutting to black, but I guess that’s what happens when you have “The Sopranos” creator David Chase direct your commercial.