Howard On Wolverines: “This Is Michigan Tech”

With his team 3-8 heading into their rivalry game against Ohio State, Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez could probably use some support from some of the program’s legendary names. And right on cue, Heisman Trophy winner and ESPN analyst Desmond Howard is there to help, giving WBNS in Columbus (via the DETROIT NEWS) his assessment of the team in Rodriguez’s first year at the helm:

Desmond Howard and Rich Rodriguez

I made a comment (Sunday) on our show that it’s not like they were trying to learn a spread offense (as much as) like they were trying to learn how to play football in some of those games, they looked so bad. This isn’t Michigan, this is like Michigan Tech.

OK…never mind. Howard went on to add some fuel to the fire, saying that if the team has another year like this season that there would be “no way” Rodriguez would survive. So much for a three-year plan.

Needless to say, big changes are coming to the Wolverines program in the off-season, some before the final game has been played this season. MGOBLOG reports that three Wolverines have decided to leave the team, with several more to follow. Among those on their way out of Ann Arbor is noted white running back and YouTube legend Sam McGuffie. In case you aren’t familiar with his work:

I wonder if Rodriguez wishes that Howard would “get a life” along with other Michigan fans who have been giving him grief this season?

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